Setting Sun - Character Creation

The Basics:

  • Starting Level 4
  • 20 Point Buy
  • Levelling happens when it feels appropriate with xp serving mostly as a guideline.


  • Core races, Blues, Dromites, Elans, Ophiduans and Xephs are all available for play.

Starting Wealth:

  • We will be using a slightly tweaked version of the “Automatic Bonus Progression” rules (Unchained p156) that does not grant the [Weapon Attunement] feature (as it is pretty much worthless to classes like soulknife or psion). Instead, magic weapons will function using the normal rules and you will all get some extra wealth as you level to compensate. Permanently enhancing an unarmed strike or natural attack costs the same amount as enchanting a manufactured weapon under this houserule.
  • In other words, as level 4 characters you start with [Resistance +1], [Armor Attunement +1], and 5,000 gp worth of items.

Available Resources:

  • In addition to the usual array of published Pathfinder books, the following Dreamscarred Press sources are also fair game: Ultimate Psionics, Psionics Augmented: the Seventh Path, The Path of War, and Path of War Expanded – The Harbinger
  • A slightly more detailed (but by no means exhaustive) list of what options are or are not in play, as well as a few class-specific houserules, can be viewed here.

Setting Sun - Character Creation

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