Setting Sun - Ban List

Subsystem specific rules:

Path of War

  • Discipline Swap-out: Upon taking a level in an initiator class you may swap out any one of your class’ disciplines for any other discipline from
  • Black Seraph and Silver Crane are simply fighting styles based off powerful outsiders, they can be learned regardless of the practitioner’s moral outlook. Profane and Sacred damage do not carry a x 1.5 damage modifier against the opposing alignment.

Firearm rules

  • The Commonplace Guns rules (firearms are martial weapons, early firearms and ammunition cost 25% of their listed price) are in effect with the exceptions of there being absolutely no advanced firearms or double-barrelled pistols/muskets in the game.

Unchained Classes

  • You may use the either the Chained or Unchained version of a class.

Seventh Path

  • I haven’t finished reading all of this, so if you use anything from this source then run it by me first (this advice holds in general).

Class-specific Houserules

  • Fighter: Trench Fighter is allowed, but remember no advanced firearms. Combat Stamina (Unchained 112) is freely granted at level 1, but you may only use stamina to enhance a number of combat feats equal to your number of fighter bonus feats.
  • Gunslinger: See firearm rules above. Also note that if you have a power point pool you have access to a few extra deeds (see UPsi).
  • Monk: Unchained monk can take archetypes if it makes sense.
  • Rogue: Unchained Rogues may not select Intimidate for their skill unlock. The Signature Skill feat is not in play.
  • Summoner: Chained summoner uses the evolution point costs from Unchained (i.e. pounce now costs 3 evolution points). Synthesis Summoner is allowed for either summoner.
  • Aegis (also armor/shield based soulknives): if you take this class we’ll have to talk thing over in order to figure out how it will interact with the automatic bonus progression rule. Most likely you’ll be compensated with a few extra customization points.

Setting Sun - Ban List

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