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Welcome to Half-baked ideas, where I post scraps of whatever I’m working.

Past Projects:

  • Setting Sun: a psionics/wuxia/western mash-up ran while Curse of the Crimson Throne was on break. Status: being re-tooled with the intention of running it again.

Current Projects:

  • None!

Future Projects

  • Aquarius: Harry Potter meets Hellboy/BPRD meets Mahou Sensei Negima! meets X-files meets Delta Green/Conspiracy X meets Spirit of the Century meets Firestarter/Matilda meets Orpheus/Geist/Changeling: the Lost meets Cybersix . MAJIC EYES ONLY or Class 5 PISCES clearance allowed beyond this point. Status: transitioning from the idea stage into the research stage.
  • Star Wars – Duty and Defiance: A series of short episodic campaigns set during the Rise of the Empire. Focused on a single sector of space and featuring a rotating cast of characters. Status: just an idea.
  • Swamplands: an old-school inspired setting about Player Characters screwing everything up. Status: some work is already done, mostly on the macro level. Map needs to be re-done now that it’s no longer a hexcrawl. Mostly a tinkering project that I work on when the mood strikes me.

Home Page

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